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You’re a dynamic woman. You set a goal to get a college degree, and you’ve taken steps to achieve it. You have juggled your schedule, living arrangements, work, and finances to attend college.

You might be aspiring to enter a career that has been on your heart since you were young, or maybe you’re the first person in your family to attend college. Whatever your story is, you value your education, and it’s evident through all of your planning and perseverance.

But now you’re unexpectedly pregnant in college, and it feels like everything you have worked for is going to implode. This was definitely not part of your plans.

You feel conflicted, and you’re wondering, “Can I finish college while I’m pregnant?” The answer is yes, you can. Many women, just like you, have successfully done it. Support is available to help you finish college while you’re pregnant.

Even if you have not ruled out abortion, you may be wondering what life would look like if you choose to parent or place a child in an adoptive family. However, you don’t have to make this decision now.


Adoption is a loving choice. When a birth mother chooses adoption, it is from a heart of love. She wants the best for her child, and she knows she is not in a position to provide it.

Millions of loving mothers, just like you, have decided to place their children for adoption in homes devoted to raising their children well.

Positive Aspects of Adoption

  • You choose the adoptive family.
  • You can finish college and pursue your career aspirations.
  • Campus and community resources are available to help you.
  • You don’t have to process abortion grief and the “what-if” questions.

Difficult Aspects of Adoption

  • Like abortion, there is a grieving process. Support is available through the adoption agency you choose or through support groups with other birth mothers.
  • Your family and friends may not support your adoption decision.


Choosing to parent while you’re in college is a choice that nearly five million other college students have currently made, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. You can finish college and parent just as these students did. Is it simple? No, but with support, you can do it!

Positive Aspects of Parenting

  • Birth parents report a new intensity and depth of love they are glad they experienced by parenting.
  • You can finish college and pursue your career aspirations.
  • Campus support is available for pregnant and parenting students.
  • Many resources are available to help you successfully parent.

Negative Aspects of Parenting

  • Some students delay graduation by a semester after taking time off after their child is born.

Whether you choose adoption or parenting, the bottom line is that you can finish college while pregnant. Be resourceful, and you will find help is available to you!

Help Is Available

At Willowbrook Women’s Center, we understand you are facing the most agonizing decision you have ever encountered. You need someone to listen to your concerns, provide unbiased support, and answer questions. You need someone to advocate for you and empower you to make the best decision for you. Our licensed medical professionals and compassionate advocates are committed to providing you with what you need to make an informed decision about your unplanned pregnancy. Whether you would like more information on abortion, adoption, or parenting, give us a call or text us at 816-244-7824 to see if you qualify for one of our no-cost, confidential appointments.

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