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Can You Get an Abortion in Another State? 

Since Roe v. Wade has been overturned, the matter of abortion laws has been returned to the states. States’ laws that had previously been in place were allowed to go into effect. This may have you wondering what your state allows when it comes to abortion procedures. Depending on where you live, you may be wondering if you can travel to a neighboring state to obtain an abortion if you find yourself in an unexpected pregnancy and you’re considering that option.

What to Consider When Seeking Abortions Outside of Your State

Traveling from your state of residence to another state for an abortion is what is referred to as abortion tourism. This is nothing new. To date, it’s legal for women to travel and providers to perform abortions on women who are residents of other states, as long as the procedures are within the laws of the destination state. The following points are a few considerations when traveling to receive an abortion outside of your state:

  • How will I get to and from the clinic? Fly or drive?
  • Will I need to arrange for a hotel room or other lodging?
  • How much time will I be away from work?
  • Will I need to arrange for childcare?

Other Factors to Consider When Traveling to Get an Abortion

Abortion is a medical or a surgical procedure, depending on several factors, and is accompanied by certain risks to the woman. If you’re traveling out of state to obtain an abortion, you will want to think through these points to help you with your decisions:

  • Will your support person be available to help you, or will they need to plan to take off time from work?
  • If complications from the procedure arise, will you have access to someone who can help you, or will you be alone? Make a plan in case you would experience complications when you’re traveling back home.
  • Make sure you research and have the name of a healthcare provide in your area that is familiar with the recovery and possible complications associated with abortion.

Like any medical procedure, you want to be well informed about the risks and side effects of abortion. Those risks may be exacerbated when travel is involved. 

The Benefits of Coming to Willowbrook

Willowbrook Women’s Center understands the complicated and painful dynamics surrounding unwanted pregnancy and can provide you with the information needed to help you make your decision. We can confirm whether or not the pregnancy is viable and ensure you don’t have an active STD that could make an abortion dangerous for you. We’ll walk you through all of your pregnancy options, because women deserve to have all the information they need as they make decisions about an unplanned pregnancy. All potential options have long-term outcomes. Make an appointment today to get started.

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