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There is plenty of information aimed at scaring pregnant women into a decision they don’t feel comfortable making. We try to avoid being another source of fear and anxiety. Our goal is to deliver insightful, encouraging, and factual information to help you make your own decision. While information is helpful, without knowing what steps to take, making your decision can be very difficult and confusing. We want to make sure we address every question and concern you may have as you make your decision about an unplanned pregnancy.

Confirming Your Pregnancy

A pregnancy test can only detect a hormone typically present during pregnancy. The only way to accurately confirm a viable pregnancy is with an ultrasound. Nearly 20% of all pregnancies are not viable, meaning they cannot or will not continue on their own, and if viability is not confirmed with an ultrasound, an abortion may not be necessary to terminate the pregnancy. An ultrasound is a vital step to take when you suspect you’re pregnant because it can verify the age of the pregnancy. The age of your pregnancy helps us supply you with the information concerning the types of abortion you’re able to have. Abortion procedures vary during certain stages of pregnancy so it’s important to know your options.

STD Screening

You may wonder why you should be screened for an STD during a pre-abortion appointment. In order to help protect your reproductive health, we highly recommend testing for the two most common STDs, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. If you choose to have an abortion with an unidentified and untreated STD, you are susceptible to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). PID can develop when the uterus is opened during an abortion and infected cells travel into the uterus. To help avoid a life-long struggle with reproductive health and possible future infertility, an STD test is given during your free appointment at Willowbrook.

Why Willowbrook

Many abortion clinics do not perform ultrasounds or STD screenings before they perform an abortion. This can lead to an unnecessary procedure if there is not a viable pregnancy to abort in the first place. We want to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right choice for you. Our licensed medical professionals can provide you with the best care while making you feel at ease.

We want to welcome you to come to visit Willowbrook Women’s Center for medical, emotional, and physical support as you make one of life’s most difficult decisions. You should never have to make a decision about an unplanned pregnancy without receiving accurate and unbiased information and having someone help make sense of it all. During your free appointment at Willowbrook, you will receive compassionate care from one of our advocates and medical staff who will walk you through your entire appointment and make sure you feel comfortable.

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