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Unplanned pregnancy can be a startling interruption to daily life. You never imagined it. You don’t have a strategy to deal with positive pregnancy test results. You probably don’t have answers to the pregnancy symptoms you may be experiencing.

If you are like most people, you appreciate knowing what to expect – and the nature of your situation is entirely unexpected. You don’t know what to do next! In the midst of a flurry of emotions and questions, a trustworthy environment is more than welcome. You may be wondering where you can find such an environment, and can you expect this environment from a clinic that offers pregnancy screenings?

Here is a brief description of what to expect at your first appointment at Willowbrook Women’s Center, so you can confidently move into your next steps!


The clinic should be a safe haven. The environment will be professional, confidential, caring, and—most importantly—nonjudgmental. The clinic staff will answer your questions and address concerns you may have. You can expect complete privacy protection. Most clinics will have a detailed privacy statement and will take policy seriously. For example, at Willowbrook Women’s Center, no information will be filed or shared with insurance. Your privacy is valued and respected.


Besides a confidential appointment, you can expect to receive a variety of services and resources with the goal of answering your questions. Lab-quality pregnancy tests are beneficial, either to confirm your positive, at-home pregnancy test or confirm symptomatic suspicions. If your pregnancy is officially confirmed, a host of questions can arise. Is my pregnancy viable? How far along am I? Is abortion an option? An ultrasound is an accurate, trustworthy source to provide answers to those questions and may be offered at your appointment should your pregnancy test be positive.


After a lab-quality pregnancy test and an ultrasound, you’re probably weighing your options. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, your three primary options are adoption, abortion, or parenting. Each option comes with its own unique set of questions and concerns, but Willowbrook’s staff is dedicated to making sure you have the most accurate information you need at a time when you need it the most.

A Trusted Resource

Willowbrook Women’s Center is dedicated to three-fold service: providing critical information, offering limited medical services, and creating a safe place where you can focus on your next step without feeling pressure. We are your first step to a confident decision that is best for you. You know what to expect – please do not hesitate to make an appointment. At Willowbrook Women’s Center, we provide completely professional and confidential services that won’t cost you anything. Let us walk beside you today!

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