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A positive pregnancy test you weren’t prepared to see can cause a feeling of panic to wash over you. You never expected to be pregnant right now, and you aren’t sure what to do or where to turn for help.

Your first step is to take a deep breath and know that compassionate and skilled help is available to you. If you live near Gallatin, Missouri, Willowbrook Women’s Center is accessible nearby with confidential services to help you glean the information you need to make a confident decision about your unexpected pregnancy.

Willowbrook is an authentic medical clinic staffed with licensed professionals who help women facing unplanned pregnancies without judgment. Rest assured that you’re not in this alone; we can help you walk through every step of the way.


You’re probably wondering what to do next. Where do you go to get the help you need and the accurate answers you deserve? An excellent first step is to make a confidential pre-abortion screening appointment at Willowbrook in Cameron, our pregnancy clinic near Gallatin, Missouri. We offer no-cost services to provide you with information. Services include:

  • Your questions answered by compassionate licensed medical professionals and patient advocates: Your situation is unique to you, and our trained advocates are dedicated to educating you and answering your questions. They will also review abortion, pregnancy, and your options with you.
  • Lab-grade pregnancy testing: Even if you have already taken a home pregnancy test, we will do another lab-grade pregnancy test and give you written pregnancy verification.
  • Limited pregnancy ultrasound: It’s crucial to know if you have a viable pregnancy before considering abortion. Approximately 20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage in the first three months. A viable pregnancy is one that is in the uterus and has a likelihood of resulting in birth. We offer limited ultrasounds to confirm if your pregnancy is viable.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STD) Testing: If your pregnancy test is positive, we will also provide you an STD test to protect your reproductive health.

The information you gather at this appointment can help you sort out conflicting thoughts and bring you clarity about a pregnancy decision that is best for you. If you choose to continue your pregnancy or need treatment for a positive STD test, Willowbrook Women’s Center can provide you with a list of resources from the community. Our center partners with doctors and agencies to provide services, resources, and ongoing support.


Our Willowbrook Cameron location is just 25 minutes southwest of Gallatin. Contact us today for a confidential pre-abortion screening appointment. We’re seeing clients in-person and continue to be diligent about maintaining a safe environment in response to COVID-19. Our goal is that you leave our clinic feeling informed and empowered.


Located in Daviess County, Missouri, Gallatin is a quaint and friendly city encompassing just 2.77 miles and home to about 1,800 residents.

Visitors interested in history can enjoy the sites while getting exercise along the historical walking trail in Gallatin. Included are the 1889 Squirrel Cage Jail and the Daviess County Courthouse, among other historic sites. Afterward, walkers can get refueled by grabbing a bite to eat at one of Gallatin’s local restaurants

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