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All major life events come with questions. Whether buying a house, starting a new job, or having a medical procedure done, there are questions to be asked, there is research to be done. The same is true if you are considering an abortion.

Questions to Ask Yourself

The first questions to ask are personal–questions only you can answer. Asking these questions can help you as you get deeper into looking at all your options, particularly abortion. They’re important because you probably haven’t had a reason until now to consider some of them. Your answers will help you to see more clearly your values and goals as they relate to being pregnant and what your future may hold.

Consider: Is this your decision, or are you being pressured by others? Have you thoroughly looked at all the options open to you, their benefits and their risks? How will you feel about the decision you make in the future?

Questions to Ask Before an Abortion

There are a lot of questions you should ask before an abortion, so you are prepared if you choose to go ahead with the procedure.

Consider asking: What options do I have? What is the name of the doctor who will perform the abortion? Does he/she have admitting rights to the local hospital in case of complications? Will I be tested for STDs before the procedure? How much does it cost?

Other procedure-related questions include: How long will I be at the clinic? Can I bring a friend with me? Will there be a nurse with me before, during, and after the abortion? Will my privacy be protected? Will my abortion be performed by someone in training? Will I have to deal with protesters outside the clinic? Is follow-up counseling provided?

If any of the answers you receive make you uncomfortable, take some time to think things through before committing to an abortion appointment. Be sure to reach out and ask more abortion questions if needed.

Come in for Pregnancy Screening and Answers to Your Questions

At Willowbrook Women’s Center, we know an unexpected pregnancy is hard. You might be in full-blown panic mode or just feeling completely overwhelmed. You could probably use a steady, calm environment with people who have only your best interest in mind.

Make an appointment to talk with one of our advocates. We will offer you a lab-grade pregnancy test to confirm your pregnancy, an ultrasound if the test is positive to confirm the viability of the pregnancy, and STD testing to make sure you don’t risk pelvic inflammatory disease should you have an abortion.

Our advocates will help you sort through all the information you receive and make sure you have honest, unbiased information on all the options open to you. We offer this free of charge in a compassionate, non-judgmental environment so you are able to move forward with confidence that you are making the best possible decision for yourself.

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