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A woman’s second trimester begins at 13 weeks. By now, hopefully, the symptoms of early pregnancy, like nausea and fatigue, have left. Many women report feeling better during their second trimester. The Mayo Clinic provides excellent information about what’s happening week by week.

At this point, you still have three options for your pregnancy: abortion, making an adoption plan, or parenting. Let’s review each one to help you make a confident choice.

Are You Considering Abortion?

At 13 weeks, you will most likely need a surgical abortion procedure. Although an abortion provider may suggest using the abortion pill method, the FDA only approves its use through 10 weeks of pregnancy.

If you opt for a surgical abortion, you need to travel out of state because abortion is illegal in Missouri. Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, you would either have suction aspiration, a D & C (dilation and curettage), or a D & E (dilation and evacuation).

Being aware of the various side effects and risks of a second-trimester abortion is essential. You need to know what to expect. One study reported women are more likely to feel greater pain during a second-trimester abortion.

Have You Considered Making an Adoption Plan?

If you are 18 weeks or more pregnant, you have reached the halfway point of your pregnancy. Now is the perfect time to carefully review every option.

Adoption, like abortion, is not an easy choice. But, depending on your situation, it may be the best decision. Here are a few reasons why women choose adoption:

  • You are no longer in a relationship with the father, or he is unknown
  • You are already parenting children and can’t raise one more
  • Your living situation is not suited for a baby
  • No one is available to help you physically, financially, or emotionally parent
  • You feel you are too young or too old to parent

At this stage of your pregnancy, many adoption agencies will ask you about your preferences for potential adoptive parents. You can view their bios and select couples to meet ahead of time. If you choose to place your child for adoption, you will receive no-cost prenatal care. Plus, your hospital and legal expenses are covered.

What About Parenting?

Raising children today can be expensive, but you may be surprised by the benefits available. In Missouri, many programs assist women who carry their pregnancies to term.

At Willowbrook Women’s Center, we want to be the community that supports and educates you as you parent your child. We’ve partnered with many professionals in our area who can assist you with the needed resources.

If you need safe housing, rental assistance, food, clothing, medical care, or transportation, reach out to us to find available resources.

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