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What Are the Risks of Abortion? 

Are you considering an abortion for your unplanned pregnancy? If so, get the facts about abortion procedures, side effects, and potential risks first. Abortion procedures have various emotional and physical health risks, such as incomplete abortion, infection, extreme depression, etc. What Is The Abortion Pill Method? Medical or chemical abortion is also called the abortion

Can I Take a Pregnancy Test at Night?  

A pregnancy test is an easy and effective tool for a woman who thinks she may be pregnant. For the most part, they are very accurate, too. Most tests have a 99 percent accuracy rate, but some factors can affect the results. How and when you take the test does matter, including what time of

Best Pregnancy Home Test: Digital vs. Analog

When it comes to pregnancy, knowing whether you are or aren’t feels urgent when your birth control failed, your period is late, you notice the subtle signs, or you’re trying to conceive. Luckily, most pregnancy tests can detect the pregnancy hormone, hCG, as early as the first day of a missed period (or sooner). So

How to Tell if My Girlfriend is Pregnant

If you’re a young man in a sexual relationship with your girlfriend, you understand the possibility of pregnancy. Even if you’re taking precautions, you probably know that nothing in life is certain. Mishaps can and do occur, and an unplanned pregnancy has the power to throw most people for quite a loop. Waiting and wondering

Unwanted Pregnancy Advice: How to Find Unbiased Answers

You just discovered you’re unexpectedly pregnant, and a million questions are racing through your mind. How did this happen?  How far along am I?  What should I do now?  You want to talk with someone for advice, but you don’t want to be judged, and you also don’t want news about your pregnancy to spread

How Soon Can you Get an Abortion?

You have just discovered you’re unexpectedly pregnant and heard that it’s better to get an abortion sooner rather than later. While it’s true that post-abortion risks increase as you get further along in your pregnancy, does that mean it’s best to get an abortion as soon as you discover you’re unexpectedly pregnant? How Early Can

Can You Buy an Abortion Pill Online?

You’re pregnant and didn’t expect it. It’s natural to feel scared and confused and to ask yourself questions like, “How did this happen?” and “What do I do next?” When you first discover you’re unexpectedly pregnant, emotions understandably run high. So, rather than make an immediate decision, take a deep breath, and gather accurate facts

Unintended Pregnancy, Can This Happen to You?

It’s no surprise that an unplanned pregnancy happens when you least expect it. If you’re sexually active, it can happen to you. Unintended pregnancy is one you didn’t plan. A pregnancy can feel like it happened at the wrong time because you have other goals you want to achieve first, or it can feel entirely

How to Deal With an Unplanned Pregnancy as a Male

Have you just found out your partner is unexpectedly pregnant? It’s a scary reality to face and has left you asking questions you haven’t thought about before. We’ve talked with many men like you who were also shocked by their partner’s unplanned pregnancies. We hope this article gives you helpful insight into what you might

Determining Risk Factors for Pregnancy and Abortion

Are you worried that your pregnancy might further jeopardize you and your health problems? Do you wonder if it’s riskier to continue your pregnancy or have an abortion? This article will discuss high-risk pregnancy, abortion risks, and how to determine your risk factor for pregnancy and abortion. What Is a High-Risk Pregnancy? The term “high-risk”

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