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What is an Abortion Doula?

Doulas have long provided needed care and support to women during pregnancy, childbirth, and for the first few weeks of a new baby’s life. Now, some in the profession have decided to go one step further to provide services to women who decide to have an abortion. What is the Purpose of an Abortion Doula?

Key Facts About Abortion  

Once you know you are pregnant, you must decide your next step. Not every pregnancy is expected. When it comes as a shock, the stress can be overwhelming. Abortion is in the news a lot, but what you don’t hear is information about it. What does it mean to get an abortion, and is it

Can You Get an Abortion in a Different State Than You Currently Live In?

Can You Get an Abortion in Another State?  Since Roe v. Wade has been overturned, the matter of abortion laws has been returned to the states. States’ laws that had previously been in place were allowed to go into effect. This may have you wondering what your state allows when it comes to abortion procedures.

Healing After Miscarriage: Support for Men and Women

About 31% of pregnancies confirmed after implantation end in miscarriage. That translates to roughly one of every three pregnancies. With this in mind,  no two women experience miscarriage in exactly the same way. We have worked with women who share that they expected sadness but never experienced it, and that’s okay. We’ve also worked with

What is Abortion Tourism?  

With Roe v. Wade being overturned, abortion tourism is already becoming a topic of conversation in the media. Real women facing unplanned pregnancies will need to understand what is meant by this new catch phrase. Abortion Tourism Abortion tourism refers to the practice of traveling across state lines to obtain an abortion in the event

Ways to Keep Your Reproductive System Healthy

When you aren’t ready to be pregnant, you might not think about whether or not it will be an option available to you if the time becomes right down the road. What you do today can impact your reproductive health now and in the future. Your reproductive system is responsible for supporting pregnancy and birth,

How Hard is it to get Pregnant at 40?

The last thing you anticipated was an unplanned pregnancy at 40. You might have started out wondering if your symptoms were signs of perimenopause, but now you think you could be pregnant. Are there differences between perimenopause and pregnancy symptoms? Can you actually be unexpectedly pregnant at 40? And can you have a healthy pregnancy?

How Can a Virus Affect My Pregnancy?

Few things are as stressful as discovering you’re unexpectedly pregnant. It’s understandable to be overwhelmed with many decisions about your pregnancy because it impacts your education, career, relationships, and life. The entire process of finding the trustworthy support you need to make an informed choice can take its toll. Just when you feel like you’re

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